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Own Boat Tuition

Would own boat tuition suit you? If you have ever asked yourself the questions below, it just might!
• How can I be better at parking my boat?
• How can I make my boat sail faster?
• Why does my engine hate me?
• How do I deal with sea-sickness?
• How can I get more from boat ownership?

How I can help you
• I can show you how to consistently park your boat safely – and when to bail and go somewhere else.
• Sail trimming and steering to tell-tales is easily taught, it requires focus and practice but it isn’t rocket science.
• Your engine doesn’t hate you – it just seems that way. We can talk about how to get to know your boat’s systems.
• Sea sickness is a subject with which I am familiar – I don’t have a cast-iron stomach either! I have arrived at various strategies to deal with it – no ginger biscuits I promise.
• How can I enjoy my boat more? – By being confident and competent.

Once you know what you are doing, and you understand your limits anxiety and frustration go away, allowing you and your crew to relax and enjoy some quality time.

Why me?
I have a lifetime in boats – from living on a Thames barge as a kid to sailing dinghies as an adolescent to sailing yachts as an adult I have been around boats all of my life. There are few areas of sailing that I haven’t had an involvement in, from building dinghies to rebuilding yachts and marinising engines – I have probably been there – and I like to share what I know.

In a lifetime of sailing I have learnt some things through experience, some things the hard way and some things through reading great sailing books – another passion of mine.

I cover the South Coast of England from Eastbourne to Portland.

I charge £200 a day plus a modest mileage charge.

Get in touch
If you would like to maximise your sailing enjoyment contact Sailing Projects here